11 Statistically Accurate (69.3% - 95%)
Market Predictive Technologies!

Through extremely complex historical and statistical analysis, we are able to predict a stocks move within proven windows of time, with a high degree of probability. If you aren't incorporating our analytical reports into your trading strategy, you are trading under informed.

75.002% Accurate out of 6593 Predictions made
Predicts probability, price move and length of move before and after all US stock earnings reports.
Naked Shorts
76.827% Accurate out of 2459 Predictions made
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Tracks EVERY failure to deliver in all US stocks and tracks all Threshold Security Lists daily for which stocks have naked shorts that are not in compliance with Regulation SHO.
85.9605% Accurate out of 46885 Predictions made
Predicts probability, price move and length of move based on exact time of year for all US stocks.
Group Correlation
85.782% Accurate out of 16389 Predictions made
Tracks sector rotation and stock correlation to its sector and predicts future moves in ALL sectors and industry groups.
91.234% Accurate out of 8522 Predictions made
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30 billion cell database tracks EVERY short sale (not just total short interest) in all US stocks and calculates volume weighted price that a short squeeze will begin in each stock..
Friction Factor
69.3425% Accurate out of 9513 Predictions made
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Market maker surveillance system tracking Level II market makers in all stocks to determine Price Friction and compliance with new "Fair Market Making Requirements".
92.2795% Accurate out of 1664 Predictions made
Tracks all known valuation models and applies them..
77.453% Accurate out of 109927 Predictions made
Tracks and quantifies known trading strategies by backtesting, optimizing and running genetic algorithms and neural networks to ascertain best trading strategies..
80.4655% Accurate out of 280893 Predictions made
Automates tracking of every technical pattern and predicts next move in stocks..
95.0135% Accurate out of 14649 Predictions made
Tracks insiders trading records and determines trading performance. Trades by higher-level insiders are generally more predictive than trades by lower level insiders.
80.9965% Accurate out of 4384 Predictions made
Tracks patterns directly correlated to specific events..

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